Hi, my name is
Joshua Kern.
I Build Things Online.

Hi, my name is
Joshua Kern.
I Build Things Online.

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World 50

Learn, collaborate, and evolve alongside the world’s best leaders.

The World 50 app is an exclusive platform designed for c-suite executives and leaders of major market-cap corporations to foster networking, innovation, and to coordinate events and leadership summits. In my role as a Software Engineer, I undertook various front-end and back-end projects in an Agile workflow using various project management tools such as Jira and Gitlab’s system, including:


  • TypeScript / JavaScript
  • ReactJS / React Native
  • GraphQL / Apollo
  • Postgres / TypeORM / SQL
  • CSS / styled-components
  • Redis
  • User Authorization / Authentication
  • Accessibility
  • Jira / Git / Version Control / Agile web development
  • Google Cloud infrastructure
  • Salesforce Data Extraction
  • REST / API development
  • ExpressJS
  • NodeJS
  • Hooks / Context
  • Recoil / Global state management tools
  • Web / Mobile dev for multi-platform compatibility and responsiveness

Things I Did

  • Developed and optimized our theming system with styled-components and performed routine refactors to ensure theme conformity
  • Developed a streamlined events API, interfacing Postgres/Typeorm/GraphQL with Google Cloud API calls, optimizing calls/memory usage with Redis caching
  • Diagnosed and optimized rendering, fixed and updated React routers
  • Diagnosed and fixed various user authorization/authentication/startup issues
  • Performed GraphQL/Apollo and database updates, Typeorm migrations
  • Created, updated, and refactored TypeScript React components across front and back end, troubleshot TypeScript errors
  • Created, updated reusable hooks
  • Developed, optimized, and diagnosed issues with Express server and REST routes
  • Selectively leveraged context/global state using Recoil for effective solutions
  • Developed Salesforce data extraction events and built out error handling/logging system
  • Implemented Accessibility features into our app
  • Diagnosed and updated email send/receiving system and templates
  • Handled package updates/compatibility and ensured version control, coordinating across a multi-region team, using git



Joshua Kern | Web Developer

Hi, I'm Joshua.

I have a passion for coding and developing awesome stuff online. I enjoy working with highly-motivated teams in fast-paced environments in which I can quickly adapt to the tech stack or needs of the project.

I’ve lived all over the place, and speak English, Chinese, and a bit of Spanish. I’m also a music enthusiast and avid hiker.

Areas I Would Love to Work In

  • React or React Native related projects
  • General Full Stack Development
  • UI/UX Design / Development
  • API Integrations or other Back End architecture
  • Anything heavy in TypeScript or JavaScript


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